AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (v1) #285 CBCS 9.6 Guest starring Punisher!


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Gang War: Part 2 of 5 — “The Arranger Must Die!” Guest-starring the Punisher. Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Jim Owsley. Pencils by Alan Kupperberg. Inks by Jim Fern. Cover by Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod. The gang war takes a turn for the worse for the bad guys as the Punisher enters the fray! Frank Castle doesn’t care where the Kingpin is or isn’t. Or which crimes bosses have formed alliances with one another. He’s planning to nail them all! When the Arranger calls a Midnight meeting of the crime lords, the Punisher adds himself to the guest list! But instead of a battle breaking out among the Hobgoblin, Jack O’Lantern, Rose, and Hammerhead; the furious fight erupts between Spider-Man and the Punisher! Is that any way to stop a gang war? Cameo appearances by Vanessa Fisk, Richard Fisk, Ned Leeds, Joe Robertson, and Ben Urich. (Notes: The initial subplot of the Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (1987) one-shot occurs in this story. This issue features a full-page ad for the Strikeforce Morituri (1986) series with art by Brent Anderson and Scott Williams.) 32 page.

This volume has earned the CBCS grade of 9.6