SILVER SURFER (V1) #2 Fantastic grade 8.0 Silver Age Marvel find!


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While resting just out of Earth’s atmosphere, the Surfer is jarred awake by falling meteors, and he decides that he should try and find a home among the humans he is forced to live with. Traveling to a European town, the Surfer is driven away by the panicked locals who distrust the Surfer due to his previous acts of aggression towards humanity. The Surfer once more tries to integrate into society by trying to find a home in the city; however his arrival there is also met with fear and distrust.

Returning to space, the Surfer laments humanity’s many ills when he suddenly notices the arrival of a Badoon ship in Earth’s space. When it lands in New York and cloaks itself, the Surfer tries to warn the people on the street, but is knocked out and locked up in a jail. Reviving, the Surfer breaks out of his cell and decides to confront the aliens directly. Meeting the Badoon in their ship, the Surfer is told by their leader the Brother Royal that they have come to Earth to end all evil; however, a captive Earth girl warns the Surfer that the Badoon are really planning to invade the Earth. The girl is blasted for her troubles and the Surfer escapes the Badoon ship with the near dead girl, and puts her in limbo status in Earth’s orbit while he deals with the Badoon.

The Surfer battles the Badoon, who unleash their creature the Monster of Badoon. As Surfer battles the antagonists in the city, the people of the city are once more put in a state of panic because the Badoon’s cloaking technology makes it look as though the Surfer is on another rampage. The Surfer manages to destroy the Monster but not without the military planning a strike against the Surfer. When the missiles are launched, the Badoon believe that they are being attacked by the Earth military and are forced to retreat.

The Surfer tries to piggy back on the Badoon’s ship to try and get past Galactus’ barrier until he remembers the girl he left in limbo and goes back for her. The Surfer returns her to Earth and tries to revive her with his Power Cosmic. However, he is chased by the Air Force and is forced to abandon the girl so that no harm comes to her. While the girl is revived, the military believe that she was attacked by the Surfer, who flees.

The condition of this volume is grade 8.0

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