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DC 100 PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #18 Grade 9.0 Bronze Age find starring Superman!


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Clark Kent enlists into military service in the Golden Age classic “I Sustain the Wings!” Originally presented in Superman #25, story by Mort Weisinger. “Murder on a Star!” Starring the Golden Age Atom. Originally presented in Flash Comics #90, art by Jon Chester Kozlak. “Lockup in the Lethal Lightbulb.” Starring the Modern Age Atom vs. the nefarious Dr. Light. Originally presented in Atom #8, story by Gardner Fox with art by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson. “Superboy’s Last Day in Smallville.” Originally presented in Superman #97, art by Wayne Boring. Plus, T.N.T. with Dan the Dyna-Mite battle the Crime Clown. Originally presented in World’s Finest Comics #5, story by Mort Weisinger. Hour Man with the Minute Men of America. Originally presented in Adventure Comics #57, by Bernard Baily. Captain Triumph in “Gold!” Originally presented in Crack Comics #42. And, a 3-part Superman epic: “The Amazing Story of Superman Red and Superman Blue!” Originally presented in Superman #162, story by Leo Dorfman with art by Curt Swan and George Klein.

The condition of this volume is grade 9.0

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