BARB WIRE 9-part Modern Age series from Dark Horse! NM


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Title: Barb Wire

Issue numbers: 1 through 9
Nine issue Modern Age series
Steel Harbor is a hell of a town, with the emphasis on hell, an urban
wasteland of shuttered factories, decaying neighborhoods, and broken
dreams. Crime and street violence are the soup of the day every day, but
if you’re a bounty hunter, every day in “Metal City” can be
Christmas-assuming you survive, since the worst of the Harbor’s most
wanted can fly, summon up tornadoes, or tear cars in half with their
bare hands. But a skip’s a skip, and manhunter Barb Wire is the best
tracker in the business, and no super-gangster is too tough-as long as
there’s a fat price on his, her, or its head. Beautiful as she is
lethal, Barb Wire really puts the “drop dead” in drop-dead gorgeous. Her
boots may be made for walking, but they kick butt real pretty too.

Publisher: Dark Horse

The average condition of these volumes is NM

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