CAPTAIN MARVEL (Vol. 1) #29 – Grade 6.5 – 1st Eon appearance! Thanos looms!


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“Metamorphosis!” Script by Jim Starlin. Pencils by Jim Starlin. Inks by Al Milgrom. Cover by Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom, and John Romita (Captain Marvel’s head). In a remarkable manner, the cosmic entity called Eon summons Captain Marvel to transform him into the “protector of the universe!” Why? And for what purpose? Both questions have the same simple answer…Thanos! After undergoing various mental and physical tests of his worthiness, the Kree Warrior receives the “cosmic awareness” from Eon! And now the cosmically-enlightened Captain Marvel is ready for his next encounter with Thanos! First appearance of Eon. Cameo appearances by Thanos, Mentor, Starfox, Drax the Destroyer, Una, Lou-Ann Savannah, Rick Jones, and the Controller. Flashback cameos by Chronos, Zeus, and Mentor. (Notes: In this issue Captain Marvel’s hair color changes from white to blonde. The letters page includes a letter from comics artist Duffy Vohland.) 32 pages Cover price $0.20.

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